XML parsing error for dynamically loaded pages

My app has a lot of dynamically loaded pages just like the Kitchen Sink demo. But for some reason, every time I load a page from an item-link, I get this in the js console:
XML Parsing Error: junk after document element

The line/column point to the first column of the 7th line here (class=“pages” line):


Why do I get this error? Everything works but the error is consistent on every page I dynamically load and I’m figuring I’m doing something wrong. This is the same format used in accordian.html in the Kitchen Sink demo but that doesn’t generate the error…

Thanks if you can help!

Please, put a part of your code with item-link…

This is the list item - I can surely paste more if needed. I see that my last paste was interpretted as html…

	<a href="external.html" class="item-link"> 
		<div class="item-content">
			<div class="item-inner"> 
				<div class="item-title">
					<div class="item-desc">Sub-title</div>

Here is the first part of the dynamically loaded page too:

<div class="navbar">
	<div class="navbar-inner">
		<div class="left"><a href="#" class="back link"> <i class="icon icon-back"></i></a></div>
		<div class="center sliding">Label</div>
<div class="pages">
	<div data-page="distance-page" class="page">
		<div class="page-content">
			<div class="content-block">

Any ideas about why I’m getting that XML error?

Try to copy-paste some demo page from kitchen sink. Do you see such error?

Ahhh…yes. When I run the Kitchen Sink code locally, I get the same error on every dynamically loaded page.

When I run Kitchen Sink directly from the F7 website, there are no errors when the pages are dynamically loaded - perhaps the code on the website is different?

Is it something to worry about or just ignore?