Y know companies / big apps using framework7?


are there some bigger apps / companys using framework7?
i looked through the https://framework7.io/showcase/ but could not find big apps/players.

probably the most will use ionic (maybe cause the tec or cause of the team/company/concept behind the software)

a little bit sad, i like f7.

Big companies usually doesn’t say such things

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Doesn’t matter… F7 is probably one of the best frameworks. I have worked with Vue, React, Onsen… etc, and now testing V2 (after couple of years with V1.X)… it is simply amazing and very easy to use. And big companies are not always using the best options… :wink:


yeah it is realy good i like it too, that is not the point :slight_smile:

i thing the biggest downside (and that is what companys would not trust it) is that there is no team behind.
in other words: when vlad will not develop it anymore then there is no real fallback.

i thing it would be good for the projekt / marketing etc if there is a team or a company behind
it and some real opensource concept like free (and premium) build service.

http://showcase.ionicframework.com/apps/top not all are “hiding” :slight_smile: