Zoom and Crop Images

Hi Team,

I would like to zoom and crop an image in react. Therefore I would like this solution: https://github.com/ricardo-ch/react-easy-crop

I think it’s not working together, I just don’t know why?

Do you have a solution? With this react-easy-crop or another way?

Thank you,

You might be better to post this question on Stack Overflow. This is a forum about Framework 7.

Yes, that’s exactly why. There is no possibility to zoom and crop an image in Framework 7. So I have to integrate another solution. Which however does NOT work within Framework7, otherwise it does. The solution is based on CSS and JavaScript only, but cannot be integrated into Framework7.

Maybe you can help or have another solution to zoom and crop an image within Framework7?

Thank you,

Can you expand on your use-case; What is the user flow for cropping the image?

As you’re looking for a Javascript solution, try things like Croppie or Cropper or Cropme.

It’s important to remember that Framework 7’s primary function is to replicate native iOS and Android controls for things like layout, switches, tabs, navigation etc. Any other feature is something that you’ll need to expand upon yourself - Framework 7 isn’t a catch-all solution for every function you’ll require in your webapp.