Differences between V3 React/Angular/Vanilla


With V3, is there any difference in performance between the different implementation ways?


Yeah, from fastest to slowest:
Vanilla -> Vue -> React


Thanks, good to know. I would have expected that the other way round.


I would argue that React is slower than Vue :joy:
Vue/React will be slower of course in terms of initial rendering but i don’t think it will be noticeable, it will be always faster to just insert something in DOM directly. But in terms of further re rendering and layout updates it will be better as they have nice VDOM implementations that work great


Yeah it won’t be noticeable.
I can really recommend using Vue!


Is it worth learning Vue for a small project?`
Never used vue or react before, that’s why I’m wondering if it is worth the effort.


If you have some content that updates dynamically (data-bindings) then it definitely worths it. And will be easier to learn on small project


Yeah ist definitely worth it.
You should always stay up to date as a software developer :slight_smile:


You can never go wrong with Vue, is an amazing piece of a framework and the learning curve is very shallow as compared to React. It is also versatile meaning maximum flexibility. You can do some pretty amazing things in no time.

Definitely give it ago