F7-tempates in f7-swiper renderSlides callback?


Is there a way to use f7-templates in f7-swiper’s renderSlides callback, when using Virtual Slides?


If you mean Template7, then for example:

const slideTemplate = Template7.compile(`
  <div class="swiper-slide" data-index="{{index}}">...</div>

renderSlide(slide, index) {
  return slideTemplate({ index });


Thx for the tipp - but I am currently getting aquainted with F7-Vue and merely meant F7’s Vue-Components.

Another hint?


Not really, but you can use Template7 in f7-vue as well, as this.$t7


Right now I’m just returning a string-literal (same thing you showed here, but without the Template7.compile). Works too - but I will have a look at Template7…

thanks for the pointer