Is there a way to have Collapsing Toolbar scrollflags in framework7?


I think it will be great to have some added features to f7 using Collapsing Toolbar scrollflags concept, I think it will be a great addition to toolbars in f7…

Scrollflags: scroll, expandAlways, expandAlwaysCollapsed, snap, exitUntilCollapsed, etc…

Here the article


Some other links regarding the collapsing toolbar concept:


Material Design: Widgets such as a TabBar and a FlexibleSpaceBar.


is there a way to use CollapsingToolbar scrollflags in F7 someway or this concept for the AppBar?

Any ideas


There is no such functionality, instead what large navbar offers. But such things can be done manually, it is not so hard to do transforms of something based on scroll position


thanks for your reply I will see if I can find a solution for this to happen I tried to use the hide nav on scroll but it does not working properly using an image inside the nav… also I hide it on scroll but the content gets wrong positioning all the time when collapsing and showing again… the content it is a virtual list of image cards…



I tried to do something similar, had poor performance on mobile devices. I changed the CSS style when scrolling, it was a bad idea, maybe I had to use request​Animation​Frame

You try change CSS var --f7-navbar-height?


I did it but as I said not working properly when showing and collapsing because content positioning … :frowning:


Don’t understand you a little, can you show some part of the code on jsfiddle?


The issue it is more fixed position not updating values but I made another post for this…