Kidoverse - educational app for young children


UPDATE: App already released

Hey guys! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Finally, i’m coming with my first very own app! :tada:

This is the app for kids (and parents), where they should be able to learn stuff, like Alphabet, Numbers, Vehicles, Fruits, etc, play games, play music, or just have fun.

The app available in English and Russian.

It is almost ready and i’m looking for several beta testers for final spin. At the moment it is for iPads only. So if you have an iPad with iOS 11+ and want to participate, please send me your apple id email address (you can send it to me here via private messages or directly to nolimits4web[at]

I will start beta testing program next week via Testflight.


Here are some screenshots of the app:


Выглядит красиво. Картинки как нарисованы? Canvas / SVG / другое?


Буквы - 3d моделирование, остальное - SVG


Куда писать сообщения / пожелания? В теме?


Лучше в личные сообщения, или на почту


Hello Vladimir, I would like to contribute with the Portuguese translation of Brazil, if there is a language pack.


Thanks Cesar, noted :wink:


Hi, I can do the French one. If you need.


Same here with Romanian :slight_smile: cheers


I can do Spanish…


Thanks guys, will consider :slight_smile:


I can do a translation to Dutch. Success !:sunglasses:


one more for Spanish if needed :slight_smile:


Thank you all for testing and feedback. App already released on app store


Nice app! DJ sets :+1: :+1: :+1: