Let’s make FAQ section


Guys, I see many beginners struggle with same questions and pitfalls all the times. I suggest to create new “must read” FAQ topic here on forum.

In this topic let’s collect feedback, proposals, discussions and questions of what to post in main FAQ topic.

Just post here questions/issues you think will be good to have covered in FAQ.

This is, for example, what quickly comes into my mind:

  • What is the difference between $(document).on(‘click’, ‘.link’, …) and $(link).on(‘click’, …)?
  • Cordova deviceready event doesn’t work
  • Event listeners for home page don’t work after it was reloaded
  • pageInit event doesn’t work for home page
  • how to load home page as component/template
  • how to do infinite-scroll for routable tabs
  • how to do pull to refresh for routable tabs
  • Android backbutton doesn’t work



  • Status bar covers part of navbar, and keyboard hides input…
    *Where do you put cordova code in f7+ vue.js? for example code to control back button in the whole app?
    *Android back button closes the app
    *Google Autocomplete closes on selection without value
    *Make ajax call in the background
    *How to use localstorage
    *Inline calendar not showing
    *F7 panels slow peformance on Android(Box shadow issue)

When I remember more, I will post them…
Thanks for the great work @nolimits4web

  • в чем разница между keepAlive и stackedPages


Interaction componets through from Events Bus(f7v4), and Interaction Data Bus(Import special Data Bus or get from this.$root.$data)


A good question for FAQ section