[SOLVED] Vue Popup from a Separate component file doesnt work


I have tried many ways in which to popup a vue component from a separate vue file.
The DOM doesnt get updated properly. Am I doing something wrong?
Here’s what I am trying to do, taking the popup example in the docs
methods: {
const self = this;
// Create popup
if (!self.popup) {
self.popup = self.$f7.popup.create({
content: <mypopupcomponent/>.trim(),
// Open it

Anyone know whats going on? or what I am doing wrong?
I cant use routes to popup the component as I would like to introduce v-model passing in props to the popup component and then emit back based on content inputted into the popup.

If anyone can point me to something where this is demonstrated I would be most appreciative


I solved this by keeping the popup tag on the parent component and referencing the child component inside that.