View getting frozen when navigating using f7router.navigate


I’ve been using this.$f7router.navigate("/home"); in many methods and it’s working perfectly, however I just implemented the Login in the app.
So basically when someone is already logged in, the login.vue detects the cookie and redirets to home.
I do get redirected to home, however the app gets frozen, only way to unfreeze it is on a Browser (while debugging), and manage to get into the left sidebar and change the view from there, which is impossible to do from a normal phone due the resolution.

This is my methods on login.vue.

methods: {
    login() {
      let logUser = {
        password: this.password
      Authentication.authenticate(this, logUser, null)
      } else{
        console.log("No autentificado")
  mounted() {

As I said, navigate works well in any other circumstance, but in this one specifically it won’t.

Edit: If I place it on a timer, say, 3 seconds after checking if Logged in it works just fine, I think it’s related to Vue lifecycle, of course waiting a fixed amount of time ain’t a good solution IMO.


You need to move that logic from mounted into page:afterin event handler. Or you can try to use it within a nextTick like so:

mounted() {
  this.$nextTick(() => {