What next big feature you wait or want in Framework7?

Yeah, I think the question is how that interacts with the new media query.


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It already has support for this media query. App has autoDarkTheme parameter https://framework7.io/docs/app.html#app-parameters. But the good addition could be adding this auto dark theme feature for separate sections (views)

Guys anything else? Don’t hesitate to share even some crazy ideas :slight_smile:

Ah nice! I am always reading the react version of the docs and missed that. Maybe editable docs so I can make quick edits?

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Thinking from a web url route centric view, I have a (crazy?) suggestion about reorganizing views and panels and routes.

routes: [{
  path: '/overview/',  // default to main view
  component: ...
}, {
  path: '/dashboard/', // default to main view
  component: ...
}, {
  path: '/user/login/',
  view: 'fullscreen',
  component: ...
}, {
  path: '/user/reset-password/',
  view: 'fullscreen',
  component: ...
}, {
  path: '/mega/',
  view: 'lotsofpanels',
  component: ...

and put panels inside views:

  <View main>
    <Panel left> ... </Panel>
  <View id="fullscreen">
    <Panel left> ... </Panel>
  <View id="lotsofpanels">
    <Panel left> ... </Panel>
    <Panel right> ... </Panel>

And the views could be lazy loaded like a page (if the view hasn’t been loaded for that route.


A top menu component. On desktop, you can have a side menu (Panel left) but you may often have a menu across the top.


A calendar day view for selecting time blocks by drag-n-expand. This is typically for calendaring/event application.


Hi Vladimir,

First I’ll say thanks for the great work on this framework so far and I’m looking forward to see where F7 will be going in the future.

One cool feature I’ve seen from the design community that would be great in F7 would be a selection of spectacular transitions like those available in this new mobile prototyping tool: https://famous.co

There are some inspirational videos that display some of the transition effects that can be achieved with static image backgrounds:

They also have some 3D transitions and video transitions in later versions:

These would at some extra pazaz to the already amazing widget set.

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Especially the use of “stories” / short video clips would be cool. (as shown in famous.co teasers)

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Signature Pad in the style of Framework7 would be great!!

Internally I’d like to see greater support for Typescript in router components. Also Typescript and Babel support in Template7 templates via Webpack.

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For me, an optimized build (-process) would be great to have. And the possibility to create smaller PWA builds. Right now, the builds are way over 1Mb, which makes it problematic to use, if you target low-fi…

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Guys, i want to thank each and everyone for your suggestions. I have summed up all your requests and what personally i want to add and improve too. I guess we are ready to start our trip for v5, as some changes will be breaking.

The Framework

So here is some kind of TODO of new features for v5. This is not the whole list, let me keep some surprises for you :slight_smile:


  • New resizable Grid
  • More responsive sizes for Grid component


  • New additional year/month selector and some kind of combined mode with picker for Date + Time selection cc @Overman


  • Collapsible mode, like what we can see now in Admin dashboard recipe
  • It will be reworked to work more like a modal (Popup, Login Screen, etc.). It will give us opportunity to have as many panels as we need, not to strict only to one left and one right panel
  • Toggleable breakpoints


Ok, this thing became pretty annoying :smiley: I want to totally get rid of it. Instead, there will be extra “padding” on top of navbars/panels and other such elements when it is required. It will allow us to create more native-like translucent navbars (like in iOS), better behavior with styling panels, and better looking transitions of full screen modals.


There will be an option to open it and push underlying View/Views to behind, like most of native popups work in iOS


There will be new Framework7-Svelte components in addition to Vue/React. If you are not familiar with Svelte i highly recommend you to check it out https://svelte.dev/ I was really impressed with its syntax and performance.


  • Ability to use Router components without router (hopefully).
  • Support for nested Views (like View in View in View)
  • Small addition to specify View-specific routes on a route declaration level.
  • Will try to do making custom page loading effects easier


  • I want to rework a bunch of the under-the-hood things in components for better performance
  • Remove Template7 and Router Components from F7-Vue/React libs. These are used only in Core and not really required here.


Styles and visuals

  • Parallax header
  • Auto dark theme for separate parts, not only for the whole app


Yes, this will happen :slight_smile: But i don’t promise and don’t want to do something super complex. There are a lot of great open-source JS editors that can be integrated to Framework7 easily, and i will not do it better. Just the one with some basic functionality when it is required.

iOS 13 Tweaks

  • New dark theme colors
  • New Segmented buttons style
  • Tweaked icons


  • Masked inputs


  • New Steps components

Certification / Jobs & Developers Portal

There will be a new paid certification platform (as @shastox and many others suggested and requested). I will write all tests and prepare the platform for this. With this, on current Jobs & Developers, we will show only developers who passed certification, and they will be called as Certified Partners.

Why paid? First of all, to avoid unlimited number of tries to pass the test. Second, if you are a certified developer/company then you make money on it, then it won’t be a problem to pay few dollars for certification voucher. Also, this will be in some way linked with Patreon, so patrons will get large discount (maybe even free) for certification vouchers.

This will hopefully happen by the end of this Summer.

Premium Support

I will also setup premium support platform/service. If we will have a bunch of requests, i want to make it connected with certified partners, so certified partners will be able to participate in this and make profit on providing high quality support.

Framework7 CLI

  • In addition to Cordova i want to add Capacitor templates
  • With addition of Svelte, there will be Svelte templates
  • I want to add more initial templates customisation on creation. Like, checking what we need in template, e.g. [x] Login functionality, [x] Side panels, etc.

This is what currently in my mind for upcoming months. Any objections? :slight_smile:


Я думал речь пойдет о сотнях долларов за прохождение теста, чем жестче условия, тем сложнее попасть, это мое мнение.

Тут скорее реч идет о десятках. Для корпоративного сертификата будет дороже. Цена может быть конечно и очень большой, но смысл, она должна быть оправдана

По какому методу планируется сортировка?

Сортировка чего имеется в виду?)

If you are able to realise F7-Svelte components too than your F7 design and architecture must be really rock solid, which is a HUGE achievement!

After 1 year of Vue and F7-Vue I concluded that just F7 is for now and for me personality the best way to go. I am looking forward to this development with high interest to see if I change my strategy again (to F7-Svelte this time)

Looking forward to trying Svelte.