What next big feature you wait or want in Framework7?

I would like to have an emoji bar above the message bar like on instagram where you can add custom emoji’s.

Also I use this plugin in my app for filtering results, would be a nice component for F7 too:

I just read an article about Splashscreen for PWA

Since there is already a CLI to generate Splashscreens for Cordova, I suppose it should be possible to generate all the required images for PWA Splashscreens, no ? :slight_smile:

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I would love to see a non-SPA starter project. Our team, and many other dev teams, are getting away from SPA architecture and moving to static site generation. It would be great to support this (or provide some guidance on how to support this) for teams looking to do a more “traditional” website while using f7 components/api.

If this already exists or anyone has any resources to help point me in the right direction it is much appreciated!