Angular support

Is it a good idea to use framework7 with angular 8+ ?
I don’t see angular anywhere here? does that mean its not supported!! what are the chances we will get angular (or web components which work just fine within angular)

amazing work btw.

I’m using angularJS inside with. You can use whatever JS framework. Boilerplate matters, so It would be probably best to keep structure as is in starter app of Framework7 and just add Angular.js files into it as I do in several projects. Works very well.

Angular 2+ is completetly different that angular js, we have the component structure. this is why I’m asking for angular component or even better for future a web component which will work with everything.

I’m sure there us a way around the current implementation to work with angular 2+ but since its not officially mentioned it doesn’t encourage us to use it.

There is no any planned support for Angular :man_shrugging:

Could we get Angular added as a Patreon goal? Would love to have Angular support as Framework7’s UI is so much better than what Ionic has to offer.

Not really as i don’t have to experience in Angular :man_shrugging:

What about going web component ? this way framework will ne universal :smiley:

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Hi @Pero_Knezevic , I’m going crazy on this topic, can you tell me what you do to use angularjs with f7?
thank you very much

Hi @sixdas, I can send you start project with Angularjs inside and you can go with that as a start. Or push on some repo and send you link…

it would be really cool to have links to a project. i currently still haven’t set one up as i couldn’t integrate angular

thanks a lot

Hi @Pero_Knezevic in these days I have done some tests, but without success, I turned a bit on google, and someone recommends the solution of $ compile, but it doesn’t work or I am doing something wrong (surely).

I created a project on github, which would be the base where I start a project, as soon as you can take a look at it and suggest me where am I wrong?

Thank you

Hi @Pero_Knezevic, this is an interesting project. Can you share it?

Sure I will clone your project and make PR to it ok, maybe is the best way. I’ll will avoid using JQ here with Angular, it’s not necessary.

Sorry, but lack of time couses slower response from my side.

Ok thanks @Pero_Knezevic, u can use @sixdas repo for create an example

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You didn’t create a Controller. I will update your code.

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ok thanks, make any changes you deem appropriate

You need to give me pernmissions to git. username: djpero

ok done, let me know need more

I created PR. You will get point when you see code. You must stick to one controller due ajax page loading but you can identify pages so you can separate code and know when page is inited.

ok thanks okay, but i wanted to use a controller for every single page. With your example I am limited to only one.

Quite right?