Create PWA from site and keep link structure

Hi, @nolimits4web

We would like to make a PWA site on Framework7.
The site is indexed in the search engines and search traffic forms the basis of attendance. We don’t want to lose this visitors.
I studied the materials on SEO in SPA as you advised in, however, you may have encountered similar tasks and you have a proven solution (чтобы не изобретать велосипед заново)?

The question concerns only the structure of links. Which way is better to use to create a link structure identical to the site (or use 301 redirect or something else…) and keep pages in the index of search engines?


Well, if you don’t use template pages or router component for internal pages, then i would assume to just keep full html markup in every html file you load for subsequent pages:

<!DOCTYPE html>

In this case such page opened directly should work correctly in F7 and correctly parsed by search engines

I am also wanting to use f7 without creating a SPA. is there any guidance on using the framework with a static site generator or even just outside of a SPA?

Is this really as simple as including f7 assets on each page like you would with bootstrap etc?

Hi, Currently we are using template and router components in our app. Can we built a SEO friendly website with current set up. Or should we modify anything for better indexing/performance of the website?