F7 v7.0.2 Could not resolve "framework7/lite" and many more

Today I updated f7-cli to version 7.0.0, created an application on vue and got a lot of errors when starting the application. On the previous version, there were no such problems and I do not understand how to fix them.

Clearing npm cache doesn’t help.

A lot of people had this problem.
Unfortunately it is a local problem, the only way I was able to solve it was formatting the pc :’(

What? Format the pc are you crazy? What is this problem about?, I cannot run framework7 anymore?
I cleared cache --force … same error

I just followed the steps in the install process…

The compiler is trying find the module in the /esm/ path which does not exists. Why this?

framework7 -V

Node.js v18.8.0

npm -v



 "dependencies": {

    "dom7": "^4.0.4",

    "framework7": "^7.0.7",

    "framework7-icons": "^5.0.5",

    "framework7-vue": "^7.0.7",

    "material-icons": "^1.11.11",

    "skeleton-elements": "^4.0.0",

    "swiper": "^8.3.2",

    "vue": "^3.2.38"


  "devDependencies": {

    "@vitejs/plugin-vue": "^3.0.3",

    "@vue/compiler-sfc": "^3.2.38",

    "cpy-cli": "^4.2.0",

    "cross-env": "^7.0.3",

    "postcss-preset-env": "^7.8.0",

    "vite": "^3.0.9",

    "workbox-cli": "^6.5.4"


I could solve this by uninstalling node, and using node v16.17.0 LTS
But the uninstall and install was not enough so had to delete the /nodejs program files folder, and then using node repair. Also removed all node module folders from user data