Framework7 Vue bundle not found for 7.0.8


I’m trying to upgrade our Framework7 project from 6.3.17 to 7.0.8. I’m running into issues using the framework7-vue bundle.

I’ve updated my imports to the following:

import Framework7 from "framework7/lite/bundle";
import Framework7Vue from "framework7-vue/bundle";
import "framework7/css/bundle";

Framework7 and the CSS work fine, but framework7-vue/bundle does not work:

Cannot find module 'framework7-vue/bundle' or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307)

I checked the framework7-vue/package.json file in my node_modules and it does seem to export /bundle. I also see the framework7-vue-bundle.js file which /bundle refers to.

I’m using node 16.18.0. I was able to set it up as expected in a sandbox: focused-bessie-6c4xgi - CodeSandbox

I found a similar issue without a clear answer: F7 v7.0.2 Could not resolve "framework7/lite" and many more. I did try deleting my node_modules folder, yarn.lock, and even re-installed node.

What could be the issue?