Hide previousMonth and nextMonth days in Calendar/Datepicker

Is there any way to hide the days of previous month and next month

I need to show only the current selected month days

as example, I don’t want to show the highlight days in the below image



Use this CSS:

.calendar-day.calendar-day-prev .calendar-day-number,
.calendar-day.calendar-day-next .calendar-day-number {
    display: none;

the soultion for disply:none is only hiding the content of the previousMonth/nextMonth day cell
but the action still available, and the client can click on cell and can select that data

see below

is there a ways to hide these days and disable the event on it

Thanks for the help

To make these cells non-clickable, add this CSS:

.calendar-day.calendar-day-next, .calendar-day.calendar-day-prev {
    pointer-events: none;

works like expected, thanks

do you have a way to style the start and end selected dates in range select with different style than the other selected

I raised another topic but till now I didn’t find a solution for this

Really Appreciated