Route page redirect not working


How to create route page from ajax response success.


framework7 version1 perfect working but i was tried as per version 2 but not working route page.


Have you read v2 docs? You need to specify it in app/view routes

Yes, i was specified as per route config but my question is “How to redirect when ajax response success”. as well as parameter pass.


Hi @Subhash_Patel,

Try this.


/ indicates your router path

    path: '/',
    url: './index.html'

thanks for reply @rajkaruna, how to assign parameter with route page as per first routing. Is it possible?

Hi @Subhash_Patel,

You can send data as part of router like below

    path: '/page2/',
    url: './page2.html',
	options: {
        context: {
          users: 'Rajkaruna',

Or you can set your values to global context using = { users: 'Rajkaruna', forum:'Framework7' }


Thanks @rajkaruna. Is it possible to same page data set with “”.

Yes @Subhash_Patel

You can set data on context with any scope (inline page, redirect page) like sessionStorage.

It will persist until app reloaded.

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Thanks @rajkaruna for reply

Is it possible to replace content, when ajax response success after replace content. please help me.

how to replace this content, no idea about it.