Samples, Recipes, Demos, Templates v6

Are there some samples, recipes, demos or templates available for v6?
I haven’t found anything (yet)…

Imo. it would be pretty helpful to see how all those changes and new features were intended, instead of digging through the docs and see, how that would look in a project…


check this if you were using template7

thanks - I didn’t use T7, but still interesting.

Fwiw: atm. I’m removing all kinds of libraries/frameworks etc…, because these days it takes more time to keep up with breaking changes in updates, than I have time to follow/update all those libraries… (e.g. Vue and now also F7). That leaves my projects in a state where they won’t get any updates, because they are ‘outdated’ (although less than 6 months old).

While the specific resources and information might not be current, the desire for practical examples and resources remains relevant, especially when dealing with software updates.

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Whether you’re diving into software updates or experimenting with new recipes, practical examples and resources can be your best companions on the journey of exploration and learning.