[SOLVED] Framework7 v5.2.0 on Android 5.0.1

Can i run F7 V5.2.0 on Android 5.0.1?

Hi, I am developing a app for Android using framework7 v5.2.0.
In Android 6+ everything is working fine. But on Android 5.0.1 a white screen appears after opening the app.

Должен работать на >= Android 5. Почему у вас не работает?

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i have no idea, i’m using kitchen sink on android 5.0.1 device, and a white screen appears after opening the app.

where can i found hello world v5.2.0 to test it?

Building using V3, its work fine.
cant i use V5.2.0 on Android 5.0.1?

It will work on v5 if you have latest version of Chrome webview in your system

Can i force download the latest webview using plugin? Or send alert if not using the latest chrome version?!
How do you proceed?

Thank you in advance @nolimits4web

Not sure you can do it. I wouldn’t rely much on supporting such old Android version

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From which android version do we find an updated webview by default for use in F7 V5.2.0?

It is impossible to say, there is a probability that even on Android 9 it can be old :smiley: But to be more or less sure, i can recommend to target from Android 7


thank you @nolimits4web

Can be updated through the Google Play Store

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Thanks @Overman, updated and working fine!

Now let me think about how to warn outdated webview users.