[SOLVED] How to detect the environment?

How can i detect if i’m running from “yarn start” or “yarn build” ?
I’ve got yarn start looping and crashing the browser :frowning: and i’m trying to figure out a way
to check where is the problem.

Not sure what template do you use. But i guess it should be done with:

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') {
  // do something when app running in dev mode
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Yeah, sorry, i misunderstood that F7 was using some special stuffs; instead its a normal create-react-app project, so the above will work. I was thinking for some special F7 methods but its not like that.

I got a PWA working in just 1 full day of studying F7, i am enough happy.
Now i’m curios how difficult it will be using it with Cordova :slight_smile: