Swiper, framework7 last version where is the data-hash?

I am using swiper with famework7 last version and I see the data-hash is not working anymore in my case…

where can I set the data hash in swiper with the latest version?
in the samples .html there is no sample of it…

is it possible with the mobile version the use of data-hash in the slides? I need users to send the reference of the slide or share it on social media and data-hash helps a lot for this!



Note that Framework7’s version of Swiper doesn’t contain Keyboard, History, Hash Navigatio and Mousewheel modules as they are desktop only things

thank you for your reply Vladimir, I understand why in mobile…

but I wondered this. because I am using also framework7 for a desktop app as well and in this case this could come in handy when trying to share a link in social networks containing a hash link to bring users to a specific content or image…

maybe this could be a reason to have two releases of framework7 for mobile and another for web desktop apps?

it will be nice to have keyboard, history hash navigation in framework7 version for web for instance…

thank you if you can consider it!
best regards

You can then just include the standalone Swiper lib after Framework7 lib and use its API

I will do that then! thanks for the tips Vladimir!!!
best regards

I do not know if it is possible but I have created a new topic regarding using lazy loading but for background images is that possible ?

here it is my topic ?