What exactly should I "export" use after build?

While still trying to find a solution to installing F7 on Windows (thread: Windows installation), I’m also trying to compile a desktop app using Electron and a F7 working built of the kitchensink I got from my Linux VM.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but, at it’s core F7 compiles to a plain HTML web page (with scripts and styles), right?

That means that somewhere in the build folder, there should be a whole set of file that I should be able to just open on a browser (even without a running server), copy over to an online server (and open it up on a browser) and/or use all those files with Elektron (Cordova, or whichever webview app packager) to get the propper app, right?

The thing is I have a folder structure that I can’t quite understand and/or find which files are this “web page” generated by F7.

I’ve built the Vue version of the kitchensink.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Why do you try to setup and run KS, use F7 CLI to create a new app http://framework7.io/cli/